Friday, February 12, 2010

1st Head in the Clouds

Hello World!

This is Dj PARIS with Spirit Plants Radio . I'm new to all of this blogging stuff so I'll give it my best shot haha. But my main focus in Dj'ing is to be able to let people from all around the world have a taste at what my ears tend to enjoy. The music I play is different and most have no specific genre catagory, so you just kinda have to guess at what it is. Some of my main artists I play are Why?, BMSR, Passage and other related artists.

Tune in, smoke a fat blunt, and just chill out to Head in the Clouds (to listen click here)

Saturday 2pm and Sunday at 5am (Pacific times)
For the Texans it's at 4pm and 7am lol

Heres a link to Spirit Plants Radio's website :

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