Wednesday, May 14, 2014

 Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds
 is back
This time it's a little different, a little strange. The first 50 minutes of this show are my own sounds 
(Slo ONE), and the last ten are my homies (Sour Jesus)

I make a lot of my music from old stock footage and home movies and most of all handcrafted sounds from scratch and broken recordings. This was all started just for fun, and it still always is, but this mostly all apart of an upcoming release for the summer, more than likely under a different alias ;) I love all you guys and I love making music. Enjoy this special show and be sure to spark up whatever kind of medical herbs you might have around. 

Static Precipitation
Brain Tumor
High Earth
Russian (Interlude)
Primed and Ready
Metal Cabin
It wasn't so easy
Last Summer
jus hang onn
It could be called love
Skyward Knohow
Lite Wurk
Light Bright
  Atlanta Public Schools

Last 10 Mins
Sour Jesus Bytes Mix

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Head in the Clouds 8

SpiritPlants Radio
Head in the Clouds with DJ Paris

Weekend of 7.16-17.2011 Playlist

1. The Octopus Project - The Adjustor
2. Solar Bears - Children of the Times
3. The Octopus Project - Exploding Seahorse
4. Tobacco - Fucked up friends 4
5. Cake - Thrills
6. Harold Borup - Track 05
7. Why? - Act Five
8. The Pillows - Bran-New Lovesong
9. Sage Francis - Locksmith
10. Josh Martinez - Nightmarezzz
11. Aesop Rock - Flashflood
12. The Octopus Project - Malaria Codes
13. Donato Wharton - Is That Why Yr Still on Earth
14. The Pillows - Sunday
15. Solar Bears - Primary Colors At the Back of My Mind
16. Third Eye of the Whole World - White Summer of LoveSpiritPlants Radio

Thursday, May 6, 2010

SpiritPlants Radio

Head in the Clouds with DJ Paris

Weekend of 05.08-09.2010 Playlist

1. Josh Martinez - Absinth Tears

2. Sage Francis - The Emperor’s New Clothing

3. Josh Martinez - The Long Way Home

4. Atmosphere - Ode to the Modern Man’s Hustle

5. Aesop Rock - Bazooka Tooth

6. Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly

7. Why? - A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under

8. Sage Francis - Spaceman

9. cLOUDDEAD - Jimmybreeze (2)

10. cLOUDDEAD - Side A (#4)

11. cLOUDDEAD - Side B

12. Boombip & Dose One - The Birdcatcher's Oath

13. Boombip & Dose One - The Lantern

14. Sage Francis - Waterline/Freestyle

15. Thee More Shallows - Fly Paper

16. Satanstompingcatipillars - Goodbyemethod

17. Boards of Canada - Point Hope

Saturday Showtimes:

7pm pacific

8pm mountain

9pm central

10pm eastern

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Head in the CLouds this WEEKEND!!!!!

Head in the Clouds


Modest Mouse - Sunspots in the House of the Late Scapegoat

Why?-500 Fingernails

DOSH - My Girls's Ex-Car

Passage - Regan's Chest

Thee More Shallows - 2AM

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Trees and Colors and Wizards

Modest Mouse - Classy Plastic Lumber

Colorpulse - Calcutta (Dj Paris cut)

Reaching Quiet - Pier 39

Reaching Quiet - Your Fish

Reaching Quiet - You Choke

Passage - Scarefilm

Alias - What you gave

Why? - Into the trees

Sole - Shipwreckers



5pm Pacific

6pm Mountain

7pm Central

8pm Eastern

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Head int he Clouds 3

SpiritPlants Radio

Head in the Clouds with DJ Paris

Weekend of 04.03-04.2010 Playlist

1. Why? - Mutant John

2. Jel - All Day Breakfast

3. Slashed Tire Reprise - I Beer

4. Alias - Unseen Sight (feat. Markus Acher)

5. Satanstompingcatipillars - Aphid

6. Son Lux - Break

7. Themselves - Its Them

8. Why? - Next Atlanta

9. Modest Mouse - A Life of Arctic Sounds

10. Odd Nosdam - Small Mr. No Pants Preview

11. Alias - Watching Water

12. Sole - Salt on Everything

13. Thee More Shallows - Night at the Knight School

14. Telephone Jim Jesus - A Mouth of Fingers

15. Why? - Good Friday (Boards of Canada Remix)

enjoy.... :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Head in the Clouds #2



Black Moth Super Rainbow - Royal Firecracker Teeth
Colorpulse - Techno Dust
Passage - Jail 4 lil Geniuses
WHY? Fatalist Palmistry
Gong - The pothead pixies
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Iron Lemonade
Hymie's Basement - Ben & Joey
Dose One - Art Saved my Life
Josh Martinez & Qwel - Tomorrow by the ocean
Why? These few presidents
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Raspberry Dawn
Sole - Home
Why? By Torpedo or Crohn's (Dntel Remix)
13 & God - Afterclap
Hymie's Basement - The Act
Dosh - This is were things started looking up
Dose One (feat. Illogic) - Blur
Atmosphere - Angelface

------->The shows gonna be on at<-------
2pm Pacific
3pm Mountain
4pm Central
5pm Eastern

listenin in on Spirit Plants Radio <------CLICK THAT

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Head in the Clouds this weekend

More info like playlist and showtime coming later on after I get off work. Be looking out!!!